San Antonio Power of Attorney Lawyer


You might have heard of having a power of attorney, perhaps in the context of falling seriously ill or incapacitated, such as a coma. But you might not know what an attorney has to do with it, or if you need one in such a situation.

A power of attorney does not require someone to be an attorney, but a San Antonio power of attorney lawyer can help you understand how to best create and use power of attorney to protect yourself and your affairs. One of our knowledgeable estate planning lawyers at Begum Peláez-Prada LLC could walk you through different types of power of attorney and how to set up the proper documents.

What Is a Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a designation of authority to another person to act in your place. You (the principal) allow another person (the agent) to act with legal authority to make decisions you would normally make in a given situation. The agent cannot control you, but they can be authorized to make financial and medical decisions for you, if that is what you specify.

Creating a power of attorney can ensure that your wishes are known and followed in the worst case scenario. If, for example, you were to fall into a coma, you would need a trusted person to make decisions for you and your family. If you worked with one of our power of attorney lawyers in San Antonio to designate an agent, then that person could have a durable power of attorney—legal authorization to make decisions while you are incapacitated.

Some powers of attorney are broad, while others can be specific to one situation or even a single transaction. Say you are buying property, but you cannot make it to the closing of the transaction, perhaps because of a family emergency. You can create a special power of attorney to have an agent attend and sign off on the deal in your place, after which time the power of attorney would end. You can also place a time limit on a power of attorney, have it expire based on your own status—such as regaining consciousness after a coma—or revoke it when you are ready.

What Can a Power of Attorney Lawyer Do for You?

To create a power of attorney, you need a legal document showing what you want to do and what authority you want to grant to an agent. Our power of attorney lawyers in San Antonio could help you draft such a document.

Our attorneys can also ensure that your document contains the necessary language for creating the agency relationship and specific conditions you want. Do you want to generally grant a power of attorney to your agent and have it continue through any situation that might come along? Then you might want a general durable power of attorney, which Texas state law recognizes if created in a certain way.

Other situations might call for a different type of power of attorney and a distinct legal document. A skilled legal professional could also help you vet and choose your agent, as the person getting legal authority in your stead must be someone you can trust with your life and livelihood.

Speak With a San Antonio Lawyer to Set Up Your Power of Attorney

Delegating legal authority to make decisions affecting you and your family may seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to think ahead of emergencies long before they happen. However, working with a lawyer to draft a power of attorney can prevent uncertainty should you become incapacitated or need to give authority to an agent.

A San Antonio power of attorney lawyer at our firm, such as our managing partner Sasha Begum, brings years of experience and a personal focus to your concerns. To learn more about power of attorney in Texas and what we can do for you, call for an appointment as soon as possible.